Why are the refill and reuse methods considered environmentally friendly?

Plastic waste is an ongoing problem that continues to destroy the environment, human and wildlife. In order to effectively tackle the root cause of this problem it is vital that businesses and the public  think differently about packaging. There need to be an uprising of legit innovations that challenge the existing designs, material and design models. The refill and reuse models ought to be enforced. The reason why reuse is a great solution is because there is a great amount of carbon dioxide that is saved. For example when you reuse a plastic bottle you save 82.8 grams if the bottle isn’t recyclable. When you recycle it you save 41.4 grams. When you refill your plastic bottle with water instead of throwing it away you are also saving the environment. At Smartfill we are always looking for easy refill options for consumers that will reduce the amount of plastic waste. The more products that are offered in refill and reuse options the less will be needed to

Which companies are adopting the refill method?

Companies are now open to innovative ways to help save the planet. In 2020 Unilever began a huge in store refill trial programmer in Europe. It was a great success and as a result of this it has decided to expand its refill trial throughout the UK. It also aims to bring forth new ways to reduce plastic waste. Consumers that want to be part of the ‘refill on the go’ programme are allowed to buy and refill the reusable stainless steel bottles with the standalone refill machine.

The award winning Smartfill is also one of the few companies developing products to assist reduce plastic waste. Smartfill has also gone as far as seeking ways to make food affordable. In essence Smartfill seeks to reduce the need for single use plastic packaging delivering a variety of food and cleaning products via the use of their Smartfill IoT dispenser.