Smartfill Won A Silver At The 2021 New York Design Awards In The Sustainable Category

Smartfill is a socially conscious smart retail solution for the modern retail environment; a sleek IoT dispenser that revolutionizes retail. The Smartfill IoT dispenser reduces the need for single use plastic packaging delivering a variety of food and cleaning products, streamlining the logistics process, and providing increased margins for retail store owners. All while reducing the impact of single use plastics on the environment. Smartfill is an in-store shopper-data & technology solution encompassing logistics and operations to better optimize decision making.

Through a better understanding of consumer behaviour retail stores and suppliers will have deeper knowledge of consumption and demand within modern retail and informal retail environments at the same time. This allows for better analytics for pack price architecture to drive consumption, frequency, and intensity. We provide a reduction in cost of sales and increased margins for retail stores to optimize profitability in a smart way. -New York Design Awards

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